CNC D500

CompactPCI System with Single-Board Computer OMC500

Based on:

  • the CompactPCI single-board computer OMC500
  • the interface card OMI500 with up to eigth add-on modules of the OIP500 line, and the 24V add-on power supply module OPM500
  • the CompactPCI rack OMR500 with the 24V power supply plug-in module OPS500

Developed for long lasting error-free usage in tough industrial environment:

  • rugged construction
  • long-time availability
  • maintenance friendly

Powerful CNC Core available:

  • ideally usable to realize a multi-axes CNC
  • suitable for special technological requirements
  • programmable with application specific control software

Available in two types of construction:

  • compact version: with up to two OIP500 modules
  • standard version: with up to eight OIP500 modules, and one 24V add-on power supply module OPM500



Operating Instructions OAGLinux V2.2

Assembly and Maintenance of the CNC D500