D571: CNC for Synchronous Running Cutting-To-Length Devices (Flying Saws)

The CNC D571 is based on the CompactPCI system D500, and the operating station E3000. It is used as control system for synchronous running cutting-to-length devices (Flying Saws) for example in tube welding lines.
The D571 controls the motion of a synchronous running cutting-to-length device (saw carriage and saw stroke) for exact partitioning of endless manufactured material, and offers functionality to automate and control additional linked processes.

The CNC D571 is available in a configuration that can be used as replacement for older OPTRONIC control systems for synchronous running cutting (D115, D141, D151, D171).

CNC D571 Features:

The D571 is completely parameterized by use of the operating station E3000. The E3000 also serves to backup and restore machine constants and data sets. The user interface is implemented as simple as possible, so that it is easy to use by the operator. The E3000 is equipped with eight softkeys, four cursor keys, and a numeric key pad.

OAGLinux is used as operating system.

Selected CND D571 E3000 screen pages


CNC D571

Retrofit of Old Flying Saw Systems with CNC D571C


Operating Instructions OAGLinux V2.2

Assembly and Maintenance of the CNC D500