FSU200 / FPDI200

Replacement for CRT Screens With TTL/CGA Interface

Trouble-free replacement for old CRT screens with TTL/CGA interface:

FSU200: Specification

Screen Size 10,4" flat screen
Resoultion 640 x 480 pixel
Signal Connection 9 pin Sub-D plug socket
Supply 100-240VAC @ 40W
Operating Temperature 0° to 40°Celsius

Processing of the TTL/CGA video signal in order to present the image on a flat screen is done by the integrated interface card FPDI200. For OEM solutions, the card is separately available.

FPDI200: Specifikation

Supported Video Formats TTL/CGA monochrome and RGB, VGA RGB analog
Supported Synchronization Types Separate VSYNC and HSYNC signals, Sync-On-Green, Composite Sync
Maximum Signal Frequency Pixel clock: 12 to 50MHz, HSYNC: 15 to 110kHz, HSYNC: any
Signal Connection 9 pin Sub-D plug socket
Supply 5V +-10% @ 2W
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 Degree Celsius

FSU200: Standard Configurations

FSU201 Configured for OPTRONIC CNC D1xx, E1xx, E7xx
(green TTL monochrome screen)
FSU202 Configured for OPTRONIC OP500, respectively for devices with SIEMENS WF470 (6FM1470-xxxxx)
(TTL color screen)


FSU201: Replacement for OPTRONIC CRT Monitors

FSU202: Replacement for OPTRONIC OP500 CRT Monitors