Linux Based Industrial Real-Time Operating System

The Operating System OAGLinux is especially made for use in industrial real-time applications. It is used in most modern OPTRONIC systems, as it, beside of it's real-time capabilites, also offers networking support and a wide range of nowadays important functions and protocols.

Special Features:

Various options for communicating with the outside world are available:

Web server By use of a standard web browser, data can be accessed or transfer into the system.
SMB server Integration into a Microsoft Windows network as a SMB file server. Therefore, as usual between Microsoft Windows based computers, the SMB protocol is used.
NFS server Integration into a network as a NFS file server. For example NFS is supported by UNIX and Linux.
FTP server Data can be accessed from or transferred to the system by use of a FTP client.
FTP client Data can be automatically exchanged with another system, that runs a FTP server.
Email client Emails, if necessary together with an attachement, can be automatically transferred to a SMTP mail server, that sends the emails.


Operating Instructions OAGLinux V2.2