PC Compatible VMEbus Single-Board Computer with SERCOS Interface


  • Swiss Made Quality Product
  • Especially developed to be applied in industrial environment
  • Result of long lasting experiences in developing CNC systems
  • SERCOS interface

SERCOS multi-axes CNC controller:

  • immedieately out-of-the box usable software package available
  • CNC core processes assigned CNC command sequences in real-time
  • CNC core handles entire control of the SERCOS drives
  • application-specific extension of the CNC command interpreter are possible at any time, in order to incorporate special technological requirements

Additionally, beside the common PC interfaces, the following are available:

Compact Flash Slot To use CompactFlash cards for operating system, application, and user data.
10M Ethernet Interface To integrate into an Ethernet network and for maintenance purposes. By default, TCP/IP with NFS, Samba, telnet, FTP, etc. is supported.
TFT Interface To connect a flat screen.
SERCOS Master Interface To control digital SERCOS drives.
Digital Inputs and Outputs Four fast interrupt-capable electrically isolated digitale inputs, and four fast electrically isolated digital outputs.
Inkrementalgebereingang For example, to connect a handwheel.

The card is made to meet the special reuqirements of an industrial PC:

BIOS Constructed for industrial applications. All settings are stored non-volatile or are configured automatically. No battery is necessary to keep the configuration settings.
Operating System OAGLinux is used as operating system, which is especially made to be adopted in industrial real-time applications.
SERCOS Master Interface To control digital SERCOS units.
Timers Two additional interrupt-capable fast timers to realize special applications.
Fast Digital Inputs and Outputs Fast interrupt-capable electrically isolated digital inputs and outputs available to realize critical applications.
High-Resolution Watchdog Guarantees short reaction time for critical applications.
Maintenance-Free No battery, no rotating parts like fans or hard disks. No write accesses to the CompactFlash card during normal oeration.



Operating Instructions OAGLinux V2.2