Light Screens / Light Grids / Light Curtains / Photoelectric Curtains LV...M

For Detection and Counting of Any Kind of Small Parts

Fast, Flexible, Extremely Reliable, Designed for Problematic Parts and Environments

  • high reliability guaranteed by continuous pollution monitoring of the optics, and signaling of parts that are stuck in the light screen
  • selective response sensitivity (stepwise definable)
  • flexible configuration of the interface according to the user requirements
  • smallest detectable part: sphere with diameter 0.6mm
  • sensing area without gaps enables position and orientation independent detection
  • parts having a complex shape (for example rings and springs) and made of difficult material (for example partial transparent or reflective) are reliably detected without being counted more than once
  • sensing area can be partially covered, for example by a conveyor
  • optionally with ejection control to monitor the correct ejection of manufactured parts
  • available in various types & dimensions

Selection of available standard models (additional types on request)

Model Response
Sensing area External dimensions
LV100M 1mm 100mm x 100mm 160mm x 213mm
LV150M 1mm 150mm x 100mm 210mm x 213mm
LV200M 1mm 200mm x 100mm 260mm x 213mm
LV250M 1mm 250mm x 100mm 310mm x 213mm
LV300M 2mm 300mm x 100mm 360mm x 213mm
LV100/50M 0.6mm 100mm x 52mm 160mm x 165mm
LV150/50M 0.6mm 150mm x 52mm 210mm x 165mm
LV150/150M 2mm 150mm x 150mm 210mm x 263mm
LV200/200M 3mm 200mm x 200mm 260mm x 313mm
LV250/250M 5mm 250mm x 250mm 310mm x 363mm
LV300/200M 4mm 300mm x 200mm 360mm x 313mm
LV400/400M 8mm 400mm x 400mm 460mm x 513mm
LVE30/30M 0.6mm 30mm x 30mm 90mm x 91mm
LVE50/50M 0.6mm 50mm x 50mm 110mm x 115mm


Handout to Light Screens LV...M

Datasheet to Light Screens LV...M