Digital Light Screens / Light Grids / Light Curtains / Photoelectric Curtains LVMC

For Detecting, Counting, Measuring and Classifying

  • gapless sensing area
  • high operating safety
  • selective responsiveness
  • versatile and flexibly configurable
  • object classification in up to four groups
  • insensitive to environmental influences
  • operation via Windows based software
  • analysis function with object visualization
  • interfaces: Optocoupler, USB, Ethernet
  • Power supply via Ethernet (PoE) possible
  • HTTP Server, DHCP Client, NTP Client
  • available in various dimensions
  • remote control via Ethernet
  • robust metal housing


High Operating Safety with Maximum Flexibility

Versatile Communication

Selection of available standard models (additional types on request)

Ausführung Ansprech-
Tastfeld Aussenmasse
LVMC100/50M 0.6mm 100mm x 52mm 160mm x 165mm
LVMC100/100M 1mm 100mm x 100mm 160mm x 213mm
LVMC150/50M 0.6mm 150mm x 52mm 210mm x 165mm
LVMC150/100M 1mm 150mm x 100mm 210mm x 213mm
LVMC200/100M 1mm 200mm x 100mm 260mm x 213mm
LVMC250/100M 1mm 250mm x 100mm 310mm x 213mm
LVMC300/100M 2mm 300mm x 100mm 360mm x 213mm
LVMC150/150M 2mm 150mm x 150mm 210mm x 263mm
LVMC200/200M 3mm 200mm x 200mm 260mm x 313mm
LVMC250/250M 5mm 250mm x 250mm 310mm x 363mm
LVMC300/200M 4mm 300mm x 200mm 360mm x 313mm
LVMC400/400M 8mm 400mm x 400mm 460mm x 513mm

Demonstration Videos


Brochure to the Digital Light Curtain LVMC

Getting Started with the Digital Light Curtain LVMC

LVMC CMT (Windows based software for configuration, operation, analysis and monitoring)

LVMC RC (Windows based software for remote control via ethernet)