Important Hints for Support Requests

Each device manufactured by OPTRONIC AG is labeled with a type plate and a control label. Additionally, depending on the device type, a type tape exists. Type plate, control label and type tape are located on the back side or a side wall of the device.

OPTRONIC parts are equipped with a control label and a serial number tape.

If you have a request, please name device or part name, item numer, and serial number!

Type Plate

Control Label

35303: 737.153.02:
Serial number of the device Item number of the device
E3450: -1.10 or -1/10:
Application specific device name Inspection month (January) and year (2010)
/33 or -80:
Number of the OPTRONIC internal inspection authority
Type Tape Serial Number Tape
E3450: SN2081310/1:
Application specific device name Serial number of the part
Serial number of the device

The application specific device name and the device serial number are printed on the type plate and the type tape. The information serves for exact indentification of the device. OPTRONIC AG keeps a journal for each control unit, that holds information about occured problems and all work done.

Item number, date of inspection before dispatch, and the number of the OPTRONIC internal inspection authority are printed on the control label.