Light Curtains / Light Grids LV..M

Detecting and Counting Any Kind of Small Objects



  • Gapless sensing area
  • High sampling rate
  • Three adjustable response sensitivity levels
  • High operational reliability
  • Insensitive to environmental influences
  • Position and orientation independent object detection
  • Detection of complicated shapes
  • Detection of small objects (minimum ø0.6mm)
  • Avoidance of multiple counts
  • Detection of stuck objects
  • Integrated function monitoring (Watchdog)
  • Contamination monitoring with warning signal
  • Operation with and without sensing area limiter
  • Selection of active response sensitivity level by digital inputs or mode switch
  • Response sensitivity not affected by continuous contamination
  • Flexible configurable D-Sub interface
  • Isolated optocoupler outputs and inputs
  • For small sensing field (minimum 30x30mm) or tight space conditions available with external control unit (LVE)
  • Robust metal housing
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Supply voltage: +24V

Selection of Available Standard Models

LV100M 1mm 100mm x 100mm 160mm x 213mm
LV150M 1mm 150mm x 100mm 210mm x 213mm
LV200M 1mm 200mm x 100mm 260mm x 213mm
LV250M 1mm 250mm x 100mm 310mm x 213mm
LV300M 2mm 300mm x 100mm 360mm x 213mm
LV100/50M 0.6mm 100mm x 52mm 160mm x 165mm
LV150/50M 0.6mm 150mm x 52mm 210mm x 165mm
LV150/150M 2mm 150mm x 150mm 210mm x 263mm
LV200/200M 3mm 200mm x 200mm 260mm x 313mm
LV250/250M 5mm 250mm x 250mm 310mm x 363mm
LV300/200M 4mm 300mm x 200mm 360mm x 313mm
LV400/400M 8mm 400mm x 400mm 460mm x 513mm
LVE30/30M 0.6mm 30mm x 30mm 90mm x 91mm
LVE50/50M 0.6mm 50mm x 50mm 110mm x 115mm