Notes for Control Systems of Type Series D100 / D200 / D300 / E100

Ordering of Replacement Parts

Also for control systems of series 100 / D200 / D300 / E100 various replacement parts are still available. Please contact us.

For each control system of type series D100 / D300 / E100, OPTRONIC AG offers a Components Lists. The list holds all OPTRONIC parts that are components of the device, together with their order numbers.

Components lists for not listed control systems are available on request.


OPTRONIC Rechargeable Battery Pack

Most control systems of type series D100 / D200 / D300 / E100 are equipped with a OPTRONIC Rechargeable Battery Pack (item number 510.330.02) to supply the main memory while power is turned off. To ensure toruble-free operation, the battery pack should be replaced after three years of usage.


Replacing the CRT Screen by the Flat-Screen Monitor Unit FSU200

The Flat-Screen Monitor Unit FSU200 is the optimum replacement for the CRT screens in the operating stations of the type series D1xx, E1xx and OPxxx.