Linux based industrial real-time Operating System


The operating system OAGLinux was specially developed for use in industrial real-time applications. It is deployed in most of the current OPTRONIC systems. It offers hard real-time capability and supports a wide range of important functions and protocols.

Special Features

  • Designed for industrial hard real-time applications with high requirements, but still offers all the advantages of Linux.
  • Supports a wide range of today's critical features and protocols.
  • Low memory and computing power requirements. The complete operating system occupies less than 12MB of main memory and fits on a 64MB CompactFlash card.
  • Short start-up time, depending on the constellation a few seconds up to half a minute.
  • Simple and user-friendly configuration.
  • License management system for activating application and hardware-specific system and application functions.
  • Simple, secure and fast update of the application and the system via USB.
  • Simple, secure and fast loading of licenses and configuration data via USB.
  • TCP/IP network support with nowadays important protocols (e.g. SMB, NFS, FTP).
  • Remote maintenance access via network.
  • The system can be switched-off at any time during normal operation without losing system and application data.