• Self-learning automatic mode
  • Object classification in up to four groups
  • Analysis function, object visualization, statistics function
  • Size measurement, speed measurement, replacement for camera systems
  • Gapless sensing area, high sampling rate
  • Detection of complicated shapes
  • Detection of stuck or unseparated objects
  • Contamination monitoring
  • Logging of occurred error conditions
  • High operational reliability, insensitive to environmental influences
  • Flexibly configurable inputs and outputs (optocouplers), status LED
  • Operation via USB and Ethernet, remote control via Ethernet
  • HTTP server, DHCP client, NTP client
  • Robust metal housing, available in various dimensions
  • Supply voltage: +24V or Ethernet (PoE)

Available Standard Models

LVMC100/50M 1mm 100mm x 52mm 160mm x 165mm
LVMC100/100M 1mm 100mm x 100mm 160mm x 213mm
LVMC150/50M 1mm 150mm x 52mm 210mm x 165mm
LVMC150/100M 1mm 150mm x 100mm 210mm x 213mm
LVMC150/150M 1mm 150mm x 150mm 210mm x 263mm
LVMC200/100M 2mm 200mm x 100mm 260mm x 213mm
LVMC200/200M 2mm 200mm x 200mm 260mm x 313mm
LVMC250/100M 3mm 250mm x 100mm 310mm x 213mm
LVMC250/250M 3mm 250mm x 250mm 310mm x 363mm
LVMC300/100M 4mm 300mm x 100mm 360mm x 213mm
LVMC300/200M 4mm 300mm x 200mm 360mm x 313mm
LVMC400/400M 8mm 400mm x 400mm 460mm x 513mm