Self-Adjusting Inductive Loop Sensors IRV / IRT

Contact-Free Detection of Metallic Material

IRV20_mit Spule_32bit

Sensing Coils IRT: Features

  • Typical application areas: Tube processing machines (Straightening, Pilgering), tube feeding by mandrel bars
  • High operational reliability under difficult conditions
  • Position and orientation independent object detection
  • Insensitive to non-metallic contamination
  • Insensitive to environmental influences like temperature and humidity
  • Response sensitivity largely constant in the entire sensor area
  • Detection of even small objects (ferromagnetic bar material with ø1.25mm)
  • Available in various dimensions
  • Extremely robust design, protection class IP65
  • Coil body milled from durable solid plastic
  • Sensing coil sealed in coil body
  • Up to 3m long connection cable between IRT and IRV

Control Unit IRV20: Features

  • Automatic compensation of environmental metal masses
  • Automatic compensation of environmental fields
  • Automatic adjustment of the optimum response sensitivity related to the immersion depth of the material in the coil
  • Adjustment remains stored after power-off
  • High operational reliability under difficult conditions
  • Isolated optocoupler switching outputs with high load rating (30V/100mA)
  • Isolated optocoupler switching inputs
  • Robust metal housing, protection class IP65
  • Supply voltage: 24V DC or 24V AC

Sensing Coil IRT: Available Standard Models

IRT25A 25mm 90mm x 97mm
IRT40A 40mm 100mm x 106mm
IRT50A 50mm 100mm x 112mm
IRT60A 60mm 120mm x 120mm
IRT75A 75mm 135mm x 135mm
IRT100A 100mm 150mm x 153mm
IRT150A 150mm 210mm x 210mm
IRT200A 200mm 260mm x 260mm
IRT250A 250mm 310mm x 310mm
IRT300A 300mm 380mm x 380mm